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Bay Area Land Surveying, Inc.
A Tract Map or major subdivision is prepared to facilitate the subdivision of a parcel of land into five or more lots or condominium units. It is done in two parts, a Tentative Tract Map, which shows the physical site information with the proposed lot configuration and the Final Tract Map which is filed at the county to record the new lot information in the public record.
The Tentative Tract Map shows all the information that we show in a Boundary & Topographic Survey and includes the proposed position of the new lot line and the proposed easements that are necessary to serve the new parcels. Most jurisdictions require a Civil Engineer to provide a grading and drainage plan to accompany the Tentative Tract Map and we have Civil Engineers that we work with to provide the service or are willing to work with an engineer of your choice. The city or county officials review the Tentative Tract Map and it generally goes before the Planning Commission for a vote. When the Planning Commission approves the subdivision, they will issue a report of the “Conditions and Approval” and you will be required to meet those conditions before you can file the Final Parcel Map.
The Final Tract Map shows the original parcel boundary and the new lot configurations, along with any easements that may be dedicated, the survey control used to determine the boundaries and any points set to delineate the boundaries. After the controlling jurisdiction reviews the map, a Mylar (plastic) version is prepared and it is signed by the owners, or anyone with an ownership interest, the Land Surveyor, the city or county officials, the Clerk of the County Board of Supervisors and finally the County Recorder as a permanent record of the subdivision.