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It sometimes becomes necessary or desirable to change the configuration of your parcel or parcels of land. Some jurisdictions require a Lot Line Adjustment Map and others require a Parcel Map Waiver Map. They are basically the same type of map and the title is merely a preference in semantics. These maps are an alternative to a Parcel Map when you are adjusting the lines on 4 or fewer parcels and you are not creating any more parcels than currently exist. State law allows that you “waive” the normal parcel map requirement in these instances.
Different jurisdictions have different requirements for these maps, but they generally consist of a survey showing the physical features (buildings, driveways, fences, etc.) of each parcel involved to insure that you are not going to be violating any existing zoning requirements, and a “metes and bounds” legal description to describe the new parcels in a precise legal language.
Bay Area Land Surveying has prepared many of these surveys over the years and we are experts at giving the different city and county departments the information they need to insure that your project goes smoothly.