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Easements are prepared to provide other parties access to your property or to provide you access to another party’s property for a variety of purposes. The more common easements are for access purposes (vehicles or pedestrians) and utilities (sewer, drainage, electrical, gas, telephone etc.), but they can be created for practically any purpose. We prepare a lot of legal descriptions for easements to remedy building or fence line encroachments and many other types of structural encroachments.
Another type of easement that has gained popularity lately is a “View Easement”. If you live on a hillside lot that has a view of the city you may want to make sure that the person building on the lot next door to you does not construct a new structure that will obstruct the view from your house. In this case we would prepare a legal description that describes the position and the height limitation of the construction envelope the neighboring lot can build within to protect your view.
It is up to you to decide what the easement is needed for. The surveyor’s part of the project is to define the legal boundaries of the easement with a “metes and bounds” legal description and prepare a map to show the position of the easement on the property it is located. Both of these items will get recorded at the county, along with the Easement document which describes the purpose of the easement and the parties involved in its dedication.
Bay Area Land Surveying has prepared hundreds of easements over the years and we are experts at describing them in a way that will create them in the exact position that you need them and our Easement Maps are always very clear and legible.