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A Condominium Subdivision is a subdivision that divides a property into “cubicles of air space”. There is always a Common Area component of a Condominium Subdivision that is owned jointly by all of the owners of individual units in the development and the rights and restrictions are governed by a document referred to as the “Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions”, or CC&R’s. The surveyor prepares both a Subdivision Map and the Condominium Plan. The Subdivision Map is filed at the county and is a record of the exterior boundary of the property and notifies the public that there is a One Lot Subdivision. The Condominium Plans define the 3 dimensional air space of the individual units, the common area and the Exclusive Use Common Areas (garages, parking spaces, storage areas, decks, patios, attic areas or yard areas) of the subdivision. These Condominium Plans are recorded as an Exhibit to the CC&R’s.

Our company specializes in Condominium Subdivisions.

We have done hundreds of Condominium Subdivisions in the Bay Area.  Every jurisdiction has different requirements for their Condominium Subdivisions, so it pays to hire a surveyor who has experience dealing with the people who will be approving your subdivision.

While every jurisdiction has different requirements for Condominium Subdivisions, you usually have to go through the Tentative Map and Final Map stages, just like a regular “land division” subdivision. Generally, if you are creating 4 units or less, we prepare a Parcel Map and if you are creating 5 units or more, we prepare a Tract Map, but some communities (like Oakland and Emeryville) have slightly different rules, so check with us and find out about the rules in your community. In all cases we have to prepare the Condominium Plans.