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Residential Condominium Conversions in San Francisco, CA

Residential condominium conversions are a great way to separate the ownership of a jointly owned property or to pull equity out of a property that is no longer producing. If you are a Tenants in Common (TIC) owner, it is a way to separate the ownership of your property so that you have independent title to your own unit and can finance or sell it separately from the other owners. As the owner of a multi-unit property, you can decide to sell the units to obtain greater profits than if you sold the property as a single income producing property.

Different cities and counties in the Bay Area have differing rules for converting property to condominiums. California is a state with some of the strictest residential rental laws in the nation and most communities extend these restrictions to make it difficult for a property owner to convert existing residential rental units to condominiums.

On June 11, 2013, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to replace the current condominium conversion lottery program with an entirely new “Expedited Conversion Program” which may help to eliminate the backlog of TIC properties currently waiting for their condo conversions.

The best places that I have found to walk you through the entire process are the City’s website and the following attorney’s websites. Follow these links to their websites for a great overview of the new process and how this new legislation might affect your plans to convert:

City of San Francisco:
Sirkin & Associates:

Bay Area Land Surveying, Inc. has surveyed over 140 condominium conversion projects in 2013, alone. We have established ourselves in the condominium subdivision field with our PRICING, PROFESSIONALISM AND PERFORMANCE.

PRICING: We offer very competitive pricing and we do not add any extras during the course of the project. The price we quote you is the price you are going to pay to complete your project. Our fee covers all the research, site visits, staking, mapping, printing and shipping costs needed for your entire project. We do not charge extra for making revisions, printing or shipping your maps via USPS.

PROFESSIONALISM: Our head surveyor, Michael Foster, has been doing condominium subdivisions in the Bay Area since 1985. He knows exactly what the City, your attorney and your title company want to see on all of your maps and is an expert at delivering these items in a very professional package. He communicates clearly, sets a tight schedule and works closely with you to coordinate timing for your project. Michael has spent many years cultivating great relationships with San Francisco’s Department of Public Works, SF attorneys and local title companies to insure that your project goes smoothly. San Francisco has made some very big, very recent changes to the way it handles condominium conversions. Mr. Foster has followed the new legislation from its inception and has become thoroughly versed in the processes and expectations of the new program. Mr. Foster and our entire staff pride themselves on having the experience and knowledge to address any problems or issues that may arise during your project. We are dedicated to delivering all of our projects on time and within our stated budget.

PERFORMANCE: Our staff is committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations at every stage of your project. From our first email contact or phone conversation, through our site visits, mapping and the final signatures on the maps, our entire staff has the dedication and experience to get your project completed in a timely, efficient and professional manner. Our key staff members have been with the company for an average of ten years, so we work very well together. Everybody knows their part of the job and is an expert at working together to get it done as quickly, completely and professionally as possible. We have been doing this long enough that we know exactly what is needed to make your project go smoothly. You will not find another staff in the Bay Area that has more condominium experience or is better at getting your project done in a timely, professional manner.

Either call our office or email us and give us your name, your phone number, the address of the property to be subdivided, and the number of units. With that basic information, we will be able to begin preparation of a proposal for your subdivision project. After gathering some preliminary information about your property, Michael Foster, will contact you to discuss the details of your unique project, what we can expect from each other during the course of the project, and we will provide you with a quote. Please be aware that our fee covers everything from start to finish. There are no hidden charges and no extra fees for prints, copies, USPS shipping or revisions.

Once we agree on a fee, we will prepare a CONTRACT for you. When you receive the contract, you will need to sign it and return it to us with a check for the first phase of the project. We divide San Francisco Condominium Conversions into two phases, which are completed in two separate site visits. These are the Tentative Parcel Map Phase and the Condominium Plan / Final Parcel Map Phase. Over many years of doing these projects, we have found this to be the fairest, most efficient way to quickly and smoothly complete your project, while making sure that we receive payment in a timely manner.

While the signed contract and check are en route to us you can decide on your title company and order the Preliminary Title Report; and coordinate a time with your co-owners to provide us with access to your building. As soon as the contract and check arrive, we will call to schedule a day to meet at your site to do all of the exterior surveying work necessary to determine the boundary, prepare the Tentative Parcel Map and deliver the submittal package to your attorney.

Please note that on the first day we survey your site, we will need access to the entire exterior of your building – including decks, patios, garages, exterior storage spaces, garden areas, yard areas and parking spaces – and access to each floor of the interior of the building, to take the finished floor dimensions.

We will then prepare Tentative Parcel Map Submittal Package for your attorney, for inclusion with your application to the City. On the same day we deliver this package to your attorney, we prepare a package for you that will include a copy of the Tentative Parcel Map for each owner of the property. We will also email you to let you know that your Tentative Parcel Map is completed and en route to you and your attorney.

When the City approves the Tentative Parcel Map, they will issue “Tentative Approval” for your project and will send notice of their approval directly to Mr. Foster. Upon receipt of the city’s tentative approval, we will contact you to schedule a date to take the interior dimensions necessary for preparation of your Condominium Plans. We will also send an invoice for the remaining contracted project total at this time.
During the Condominium Plan / Final Parcel Map Phase, we will perform all of the interior survey work necessary to complete your Condominium Plans and your Final Parcel Map. This will include staking the offsets to the front property corners, preparation of the maps and submittal packages (including all prints, deliveries and revisions to the plans that are necessary).

Please note that on the day of the second scheduled appointment to take the interior dimensions, we will need to have someone present who knows how the spaces are to be distributed between the different units. They will also need to point out which areas are for common use. We will need access to all of the interior and exterior spaces of the entire site: all units, closets, decks, patios, garages, storage spaces, utility closets, private sheds, planter areas, garden areas, yard areas and parking spaces.

After the interior dimensions are taken, we will prepare your Condominium Plans. Upon receipt of these plans, we urge you to sit down with your co-owners right away and review the Condominium Plans for accuracy. Look them over together to make sure everything is described the way you would like it described, that everything is distributed to the owners you would like it distributed to and that everybody involved agrees to this distribution. Upon your approval of the plans, we will forward a signed copy of your Condominium Plans to your attorney for use in drafting your CC&R’s. Please Note: These Condo Plans will be recorded as an attachment to the Association documents. They are reviewed by you and your fellow owners, your attorney and your title company. They are never reviewed by the City and are not a part of the Parcel Map process with the City. As part of the conversion process, the city will require an inspection of the property by the Department of Building Inspection (DBI). Once the inspector has reviewed and approved the property in question, they will award to you a Certificate of Final Completion and Occupancy (or CFCO). The city does not provide us with a copy of the CFCO directly. We ask that you forward a scanned or faxed copy to our office. Once we have received a copy of your CFCO, we will begin preparation of the Final Parcel Map package (sometimes called the “Check-print”) for submission to the city. This is the second submittal of your Parcel Map. Once the city has reviewed and approved of the Final Parcel Map, they will issue a Request for Mylar directly to Mr. Foster. The Mylar is the final version of your parcel map that will be recorded with the city. Once we have the final request from the City, we will arrange to deliver the Mylar map to you or to your title company. You will need to arrange to sign the Mylar in front of a notary and deliver it to the City. It is best if all of the co-owners sign at your title company's office, as your title company will be familiar with the proper procedures for signing the map. If you decide to sign it with a different notary, please make sure that your notary does not stamp the map. The stamps tend to smear and you will risk having the City and County reject the map if the stamp is smeared. We will provide you with a specialty pen for use on the Mylar. You and your notary should use this pen ONLY sign the map and fill out the notary’s acknowledgement. The acknowledgement has spaces for all of the information that normally displayed on the notary stamp.

The city will require several other items for recordation of your signed and notarized Mylar:

1) Updated Title Report from your title company. This needs to be dated within 45 days of submittal of the Mylar map, so wait until we contact you and note that the Final Parcel Map is complete and has been submitted. This will be the ideal time to order your updated title report to ensure that it is dated within the correct time frame.
2) A copy of your Tax Certificate. After we have submitted the Final Parcel Map, you will need to go to the Assessor's Office and pay the required taxes. You will be emailed a copy of your Tax Certificate when your check clears. A copy of the tax certificate must be included with your Mylar submission.
3) Check for $12.00, payable to S.F. County Recorder. This is the cost for the city to record your Mylar map.

Please note that the City will not accept the Final Mylar version of the Parcel Map unless they have received all of the above items. When you have completed the signing of the map you must take the map to the City and provide them with an updated Title Report (dated within the last 45 days), a tax certificate and a check for $12.00 made payable to the S.F. County Recorder. The map is then delivered to the City for their signatures, then routed to the County for the County Recorder’s signature. The map is then filed in the County records. Your subdivision is finally completed when your attorney and title company file the association documents and the Condominium Plans.