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When you are building a new structure you will often be required to have a surveyor stake the position of the new structure(s) and write a letter stating that the building or improvements are being constructed according to the approved building plans. We usually need to establish the boundary of your property to provide this service, so it is much easier for us to stake your building if we were the company that did the original Boundary & Topographic Survey for your Building Permit. Building staking is done on a time and materials basis, so the fees will depend on how long it takes us to establish the boundary (much faster if we did the original survey) and how many stakes your builder needs to establish their building envelope. Some confident builders need only four stakes to establish control for the entire site and some of the larger projects require hundreds of stakes to establish positions of grid lines, wall lines, utility lines, etc.
Give our office a call to get a quote for your staking project. We will take a look at your site and your building plans and discuss what we need to do to meet your needs.