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Bay Area Land Surveying, Inc.
A Topographic Survey shows the physical features, both natural and manmade, such as buildings, driveways, trees, planters, fences, curbs, sidewalks, streets and utilities that are determinable by surface inspection, and city or county records. It includes spot elevations and contours that help you determine the flow patterns of the water over your site and is usually provided in conjunction with a Boundary Survey.  A complete Boundary & Topographic Survey will also show all of these features with respect to the Boundary Lines and includes the plotting of any easements that affect your site.
A Boundary & Topographic Survey is usually prepared when you are planning improvements to your site.  It is one of the first steps in the design process and provides your architect and/or engineer with the information you need to make sure the improvements they design fit the site that you have.
Our surveys are prized by local architects and engineers for providing the quality and detail they need to make effective designs.