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Bay Area Land Surveying, Inc.
An ALTA/ACSM Survey is an extended title insurance coverage survey. It is made for the purpose of providing you, your lender and your title insurance company with the survey information (boundary, improvements, encroachments, easements and other legal encumbrances, etc.) necessary for issuing American Land Title Association or extended coverage title insurance for your property.
We specialize in providing high quality, very detailed surveys that satisfy the most demanding title officers, attorneys and lenders. We realize that ALTA/ACSM Surveys are usually done in conjunction with the closing of a loan that has specific time requirements and we give these surveys a high priority so you can make your deadlines.
Our ALTA/ACSM Surveys are prized because they arrive when they are needed, they are easy to read and they have all of the information that is required by the interested parties in the first submittal.